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Effective and compliant waterproofing can save you a fortune in maintenance and management costs. Make sure you get it right from the beginning.

two men applying waterproof coating to the roof of a commercial property

Waterproofing of the utmost highest standards

Whether you’re building, remodelling, or repairing, our experience extends to finding solutions that keep water in-check; both inside and outside your home.

Effective waterproofing, although only a minuscule fraction of total building costs, can save you a fortune in maintenance and management costs over the lifetime of your house. So it’s important to get it right at the start.

Eminence Tiling Waterproofing carries out waterproofing installations in accordance with the Australian Standard for waterproofing residential & commercial buildings (AS3740-2004). All Eminence Tiling waterproofing membranes comply with AS4858.

We use the cutting-edge in waterproofing technology; using such names as: Mapei, Keraflex, Monoflex, Davco, KeraColour, Planicreate and Mapegum.

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