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Kitchen showroom with ovens and white benchtops on white square tiling

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Treat yourself to the best providers of tiling in the Brisbane, Gold Coast area

Adam and the team provided a creative solution to our tiling problem perfectly on time and in the end saved us heaps of money. They are the best, we will be working together again in the future.

Kitchen showroom with ovens and benchtops on beige and grey tiles

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From Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to the Gold Coast; Eminence Tiling provides the highest quality in tiling services so that you can rest easy knowing the job is done right, on-time and on-budget.

Adam G.
Master Tiler (25 Years Expertise)

Tiling Services

We provide tiling solutions to cater for a diverse range of clients. Check out our services below.
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Commerical Tiling

A complete solution for new retail outlets, shopfronts, shopping centers, and commercial outdoor areas.

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Body Corporate Tiling

Compliant tiling for body corporate outdoor areas, lobbies, foyers and pool areas.

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Insurance Tiling

Our luxury tiles are in-line with all insurance guidelines so you can rest assured that your project is covered.

black icon of a two story showroom selling cars
Showroom Tiling

Robust tiling solutions for auto-mobile, bathroom and kitchen display showrooms.

black icon of a house with a picket fence and two clouds
Residential Tiling

Outdoor and indoor tiling solutions for residential properties of all types.

black icon of a warehouse with a trolley that has boxes on it
Industrial Tiling

Heavy duty tiling services for all sorts of industrial and hazardous environments.

black icon of a balcony with a railing and an archway
Balcony Tiling

High quality and weather-resistance tiling solutions for luxury outdoor balconies and patios.

black icon of rectangular floor tiles in a repeating pattern
Main Floor Tiling

Our experience allows us to use the latest in tiling techniques to cover main areas such as living rooms, rumpus rooms and kitchens.

black icon of a kitchen with a splashback and an oven and a sink and an air vent
Splash Back Tiling

Creative splash back tiling solutions to complete any kitchen project.

black icon of a bathroom that has a toilet and a shower and a sink with a mirror
Bathroom Tiling

We provide a colourful range of bathroom tiling options to suite the needs of any project.

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Tile Supply and Delivery

Our team of experienced tilers have vetted all materials to be of highest quality and deliver materials on-site.

black icon of tiles arranges in a five by five square pattern of differing sizes
Large Area Tiling

We have invested in special techniques that allow us to more effectively tile large areas, saving you lots of time and money.

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