Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

At Eminence Tiling we are committed to the environment using ecologically sustainable solutions and materials that maximize environmental and indoor air quality, and have low VOC content as well as a high percentage of recycled components, packaging materials are also eco-sustainable since they mostly use recycled materials rather than new raw materials.

Wherever possible materials shall be sourced from natural, sustainable and renewable resources in the interests of creating an environmentally friendly and healthy home.

Some other eco-friendly commitments are…

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle strategies
  • Shipping strategies, reduces fuel use and minimizes truck transportation pollution
  • Low dust & bio block technology
  • Investing into Research and Development, 5% annual revenue into Research and Development,efforts are directed to develop LEED-compliant products eco friendly
  • Energy saving strategies, offers solutions to reduce energy consumption and proposes specific acoustic insulation systems
  • Green label & innovation certified


  • New green construction, adheres to Responsible Care green education strategies
  • Global environmental management, works to minimize the negative impact of its operations on the environment
  • Mapei directs the efforts of its 10 R&D Labs to formulating ecologically sustainable solutions that maximise environmental and indoor air quality, and have low VOC content as well as a high percentage of recycled components
  • Eco-friendly tiles. This significantly reduces your homes global carbon footprint

Quality Matters

Committed to utilising post-industrial materials, Several adhesives include rapidly renewable ingredients with Green Label Plus-certified adhesives.

All our materials are chosen on a quality basis they are not chosen based on price. there is no substitute for quality.

Together we will work to create you a safe project based on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient principles with an emphasis on sustainability to ensure a safe and healthy future.

For quality and craftsmanship of the utmost highest standards

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